• Why Do People Lose Their Teeth?

    Posted February 14, 2014 By in the Sanding Dental Blog | Comments

    People usually lose their permanent teeth due to periodontal (say: per-ee-o-dahn-tul) disease, or gum disease, which is caused by a buildup of plaque (a film that sticks to your teeth) and bacteria that attacks the gums. Diseased gums aren’t strong and healthy, so teeth can get loose and fall out.

    Older people often have many cavities that have been filled over the years, and these fillings can weaken over time, leading to more tooth decay.

    About half of older adults in the United States have most of their natural teeth. So that means a little less than half do not. The good news is that the number of people who need dentures has gone down and is expected to continue going down because people are getting better dental care.

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