• Do your gums bleed when brushing?

    Posted February 18, 2014 By in the Sanding Dental Blog | 2 Comments

    Gums should not bleed upon brushing. This is an indication of a gum infection. Sore bleeding gums and pink in the sink are not normal.

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Comments (2)

Dan » 04. May, 2014

What is the solution – How does one cure gum infection?

Sanding Dental » 06. May, 2014

Hi Dan, thank you for your comment! First of all, the best recommendation is to come see your dentist because there are several factors that cause gum disease or infection. Your dentist can diagnose the exact root of the problem and can give you prevention/solution advice.

Other than that, brushing, flossing regularly, as well as getting your regular dental exam visits are significant to preventing gum disease. Thank you for your interest and looking forward to maintaining your dental health at our office!

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